Rebrand as NEW PEOPLE Entertainment

VIZ Pictures, Inc., the film distributor and producer behind the Japanese pop culture venue in San Francisco known as NEW PEOPLE, has announced that it will now operate as a newly established company, NEW PEOPLE, Inc., to re-brand and create synergy between all corporate divisions. The company’s film distribution and licensing division will operate as NEW PEOPLE Entertainment.

NEW PEOPLE Entertainment is complemented by the launch of another dedicated film and event production division – NEW PEOPLE Productions – that will organize and manage the annual J-Pop Summit Festival as well as future film premieres, live events, and the development of original programming. The J-Pop Summit Festival takes place in San Francisco every summer and has become one of the largest events in the U.S. devoted to Japanese pop culture, film, fashion, food, art, and music. The 2010 festival attracted over 40,000 people. The 2011 J-Pop Summit Festival is currently being planned for August.

“The re-branding and launch of these new divisions within the NEW PEOPLE organization will allow us to better execute our core mission to bring Japanese and Asian pop culture in a variety of forms to U.S. audiences,” says Seiji Horibuchi, President and CEO of NEW PEOPLE Inc., and the founder of the NEW PEOPLE venue. “We’ve also expanded our corporate operations to include a recently opened office in Tokyo that will act as a channel to help facilitate future creative endeavors and partnerships with Japanese-based artists and film and media companies, as well as work to bring select U.S. brands to Japan.”

Horibuchi has spent his career working to popularize Japanese pop culture throughout North America. He founded VIZ Media in the 80s to distribute anime and manga comics for English audiences, and the company has become one of the largest and most successful publishers of Japanese entertainment media based in the U.S. In 2005, he founded VIZ Pictures, Inc., a company dedicated to bringing Japanese live-action films to the American audience. In 2009, he founded NEW PEOPLE as a first-of-its-kind destination devoted to film, fashion, art and unique retail brands and a company to foster creative collaboration among artists, filmmakers, fashion labels, and retail brands influenced by Japanese popular culture.

February 8th, 2011

GANTZ at VIZ Cinema (subtitled)!

For ONE NIGHT ONLY on 2/19 (Sat) at 7:15pm

All GANTZ fans in the Bay Area or any one who plans to be in San Francisco on Feb 19th – now enjoy the freshly premiered movie in Japanese with English subtitles – for one night only at VIZ Cinema in San Francisco! All attendees will receive a free GANTZ Poster!

About the film:
(Directed by Shinsuke Sato, 129min, 2011, Digital, Japanese with English subtitles)

College student Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) witnesses his childhood friend Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) attempting to help a drunk who has fallen onto the subway train tracks and jumps in to help him. However, both are run down by the oncoming train. In the next instant, they are transported to a strange room in an apartment where there are others who should be dead as well. In the center of the living room is an enigmatic black orb known as ‘GANTZ’. GANTZ forces each of them to take part in a mission to hunt down and kill aliens, providing them with equipment and weaponry. Is this world, which tests their will to survive, a game or reality?

For more information, visit

Tickets: $12 – BUY NOW!

February 3rd, 2011

Thank you for coming to GANTZ!

Did you all enjoy the show? This was such as exciting opportunity to be able to have the two starring actors come to Hollywood for the premiere AND to be able to broadcast the footage live to fans across the nation!

Thank you NCM Fathom for partnering with us again and to those of you who made it out to the event. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

January 24th, 2011

Have Questions for GANTZ Actors?

Kazunari Ninomiya and Kenichi Matsuyama will appear in-person for the premiere of GANTZ at Mann’s Chinese 6 in Hollywood, CA on January 20th, which will be broadcasted live to 333 theaters nationwide.

Have questions for the two actors? Here is your chance to ask!
Submit questions HERE!!!

Your question just might get answered by the actors during the live interview after the feature film.

To purchase tickets to the over 300 theaters nationwide, please visit!

January 12th, 2011

GANTZ Actors Appearance

Mann’s Chinese 6, located in the Hollywood & Highland Mall in the heart of Hollywood, CA, will host the film’s theatrical premiere in a gala screening beginning at 5:00pm on January 20th.

Audiences are invited to join Otaku USA Editor-in-Chief Patrick Macias immediately following the screening as he leads an insightful discussion session on GANTZ and conducts in-person interviews with several cast members. More details about this session and the chance for audience members to submit interview questions will be announced next week.

Seating for the Mann’s Chinese 6 screening is limited to 400 seats, so the opportunity to purchase tickets to the event will be awarded through a drawing.

Enter sooner for a better chance to win HERE.

Winners will be notified promptly via email and will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for $15.00 each. All movie attendees will also receive a special GANTZ t-shirt.

January 6th, 2011

GANTZ World Premiere 1.20.2011

The film you all have been waiting for, GANTZ, is coming to select theaters nationwide for a one night live event on 1.20.2011!

Once again we partner with NCM Fathom to bring you an exciting film to the big screen. This WORLD PREMIERE event features a special live introduction and exclusive interviews with the starring actors.

Tickets are available for purchase HERE!

About the film:
College student Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) witnesses his childhood friend Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) attempting to help a drunk who has fallen onto the subway train tracks and jumps in to help him. However, both are run down by an oncoming train and are transported to an apartment. In the center of the living room is an enigmatic black orb known as ‘GANTZ’. GANTZ forces each of them to take part in a mission to hunt down and kill aliens, providing them with equipment and weaponry. Is this world, which tests their will to survive, a game or reality?

December 7th, 2010

Detroit Metal City DVD in stores today!

Grab your copy at the NEW PEOPLE online store and get a free poster and sticker with your purchase during this month. Visit the store HERE.

Based on the #1 death meal comedy manga series, Soichi Negishi (Kenichi Matsuyama) is a sweet, shy young man who dreams of becoming a trendy singer. But some how he is forced into becoming the lead vocalist of the death metal band “Detroit Metal City”! Now the legendary king of death metal Jack IL Dark (Gene Simmons) is challenging DMC to a duel.

November 9th, 2010

DMC at J-POP Summit Festival

Detroit Metal City is having its San Francisco premiere as a part of J-POP Summit Festival 2010. It’s coming up this Saturday (9/18) so all you fans in the Bay Area come join the party!

To celebrate the premiere event, VIZ Pictures will stage a performance by San Francisco air guitar champion Matthew “Cold Steel Renegade” Feldstein and also host a “Let’s Talk DMC” panel discussion led by Patrick Macias, Editor of Otaku USA magazine, and two other special guests. 5pm at the NEW PEOPLE stage, be there!

Also there will be a DMC cosplay contest and the winner will receive a Grand Prize that includes a $50 gift card to VIZ Cinema, a Death Note Collection Blu-ray, a pair of tickets to the X-Japan concert in Oakland, and more!!! Get more information about the cosplay contest HERE.

There will be a pre-show reception at 6pm and the movie showing is at 7pm (tickets: $15). VIZ Cinema will be showing the film until Sept 30 (Thur) and tickets are $10 so come watch DMC on the big screen. Tickets are available at

***Click HERE to buy tickets now!***


September 14th, 2010

Death Note Collection – first Blu-ray release!

For all you Death Note fans, the two live-action films are coming to Blu-ray on 8/24/10!

The 3-disc set includes 2 feature films, Death Note and Death Note II: the Last name, and includes a bonus DVD with 2 hours of behind the scenes footage.

To celebrate this release, we are hosting a Death Note autograph and poster giveaway! Three lucky winners will win a poster for Death Note and Death Note II: the Last name along with an autograph from one of the three main actors – Tatsuya Fujiwara (who played Light), Kenichi Matusyama (L/Ryuzaki), and Erika Toda (Misa). The contest ends 9/24 so enter HERE for a chance to win!

August 9th, 2010

We Got Detroit Metal City!

This is a crazy fun film! VIZ Pictures is very excited to announce our recent acquisition of Detroit Metal City, a movie based on the #1 death metal comedy manga series written by Kiminori Wakasugi. Starring our favorite Kenichi Matsuyama of Death Note, NANA, and Linda Linda Linda, and with a gimmick appearance by Gene Simmons himself, this death metal flick has some of the greatest live music scenes! As a “somtimes-so-wrong” manga that turned into a thrashing movie, we can’t wait for this live-action title to be released here in the US later this fall. Get ready to be rocked!

July 22nd, 2010

Battle League HORUMO just hit stores!

Have you grabbed your copy yet? The DVD for “Battle League HORUMO” just went on sale. Get sucked into the underground college tradition of Kyoto and bizarre legend of “Horumo”!

Based on the best-selling fantasy novel by Manabu Makime, this combat action comedy centers around a Kyoto University student, Akira Abe, who joins the club “Azure Dragon” in order to get closer to the girl of his dreams. At first, the club appears to be an ordinary social club but the new members soon find out about the 1000 year-old tradition upheld by the four universities of Kyoto and the “Horumo” battle. Members must go through rigorous training to achieve the fluency of the Oni language and learn to manipulate an army of Oni spirits.

July 6th, 2010

VIZ Pictures Films at Anime Expo!

Anime Expo in LA opened today! VIZ Pictures has been featured throughout the festival with 14 films screening. Fans will be able to watch movies like 20th Century Boys and K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces in rare 35mm film format, and DON’T MISS the marathon of VIZ Pictures films on Saturday at one of the screening rooms to catch a hot line-up of Death Note: L, change the WorLd, Kamikaze Girls, Train Man and more!!! So get your con-badge and indulge!

July 1st, 2010

Our Website is NEW!

Same Look, But Better!

Check out our new and improved VIZ Pictures website! With the number of our movies increasing to over 25 titles, we have decided to organize and get some spring cleaning done. Now with better sorted categories, it’s easier to browse through our catalog of films.

June 15th, 2010

VIZ Pictures Celebrates MORE Releases!

Summer is here and we are on a steady roll of DVD releases. Thanks to all our fans that have supported us through our pioneering years!

20th Century Boys 3: Redemption now in stores!

The disc we’ve been all waiting for. “WHO IS FRIEND!” will be all revealed in this final chapter with a twist in the ending that is deifferent from the original Manga version written by Naoki Kurosawa. Nonetheless, Mr. Urasawa helped wrote the movie scripts, so this is also an author approved ending! Peel off the mask! Find out!

Katsura Funakoshi: Whispering Gaze

As the final volume of the 6-DVD set of the NEW PEOPLE ARTIST SERIES, Katsura Funakoshi brings on the dedicatation and critical eye of a “high artist”. How does he breath life into his acclaimed bust statues? The gaze of a meloncholic woman. The process is all captured in this documentary film. DVD is coming soon on 6/15!

Go to VIZ Pictures ONLINE Store!!

June 1st, 2010

Makoto Aida’s Documentary in Stores!

VIZ Pictures is proud to present a new addition to the NEW PEOPLE ARTIST SERIES Cynic in the Playground: Makoto Aida! Enjoy tapping into this genius’ creative process and outrageous ideas that come to be. Members of VIZ Pictures had the honor to meet and dine with Mr. Aida, while he was visiting San Francisco last summer during his stay as he was completing his giant mural ath the Yerba Buena Art Center downtown.
Stay tuned for the last artist of the NEW PEOPLE ARTIST SERIES!

Get your copy now!

May 4th, 2010

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