K-20 Will Be At The NY Asian Film Fest!

We are very excited to announce our acquisition of K-20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces. Japan’s favorite villain will greet NEW YORK in its premiere screening at the New York Asian Film Festival starting today.

If you are a child growing up in Japan, at around the age of ten you may come across the books of Kaijin 20 Mensou in the school library. Written by Rampo Edogawa, the classic mystery writer of Japan, the mystery series will have the 4th grader obsessed for weeks while the pages slowly turn. The movie has captured a Hollywood scale vastness and production that may be intriguing for Americans who grew up with much love for their own super villains!

June 19th, 2009

Check Out Our Construction Diary

85 days! Says our count down widget on our NewPeopleWorld.com. If you go to our pre-launch site, we have a NEWS section that follows our construction progress of our building on a weekly basis. There is going to be significant change in the upcoming weeks when the window facade is installed.

VIZ Pictures, as you may know is a Japanese movie licenser, but we are also the producer of The J-Pop Center Project. Our first adventure is NEW PEOPLE. We hope you get to visit us in San Francisco to enjoy all that we bring from Japan to share with our friends in the USA!

May 21st, 2009

Come visit us at Anime Pavilion!

Hey all you people in the Bay Area, make sure you come into San Francisco this weekend for the Asian Heritage Street Celebration on Saturday, May 16th!

We, VIZ Pictures will be there with a booth to promote our movies with goodies and posters! It is fun to be able to be a part of local celebrations. We are of course…very proud to be a part of the Asian community of San Francisco, and are curious to see what other vendors and performers are doing.

Our booth is located on Larking between Eddy and Ellis. (booth number H5)
So, hunt us down in the crowd of fun and funky Asian heritage people. 
We look forward to the festivities and good weather!

May 13th, 2009

Happily Ever After DVD Now Available!

Yukie and Isao are all over the place…with everything uncertain and their lives in the dumpster. Can Yukie find happiness one day?

Get your DVD here!

This DVD out today marks our first release with Warner Home Video as our official video distributor. We have been making a transition for a few months now, and here it is. We look forward to getting a wider distribution, and hoping that more people in the US get to see our films.

May 12th, 2009

Introducing NEW PEOPLE!

Many of you may have heard of the J-POP CENTER that is coming to San Francisco in the near future. Well, here it is! Introducing NEW PEOPLE. As the very first venture of The J-Pop Center Project with $15 million investment by Shogakukan (one of Japan’s largest publishers) and produced by VIZ Pictures, the building will open its doors this August in San Francisco’s very own Japantown. 

Our pre-launch site is up with some information that will give you a good idea of what this building will become. Please visit www.NewPeopleWorld.com and get a feel.With a gallery on top and a cinema below, with a cafe, shop and Japanese fashion retailers, this building introduces all that is kawaii, fun, fabulous and bizarre from Japan. VIZ Cinema is the heart of this project, and is scheduled to hold not only new and classics from Japan but also anime screenings as well!We hope to see you when you come for a visit!!!

May 7th, 2009

Happily Ever After DVD hits stores May 12th!

Missed it in the theaters? Fret not. Its out on DVD on May 12th.

Happily Ever After is based on the comic strip series by Yoshiie Gouda that sold over 500K copies as a long best seller in Japan. This is a bitter sweet comedy combining a visually-striking cinematography, a heartwarming storyline with much love & friendship to be enjoyed by all members of the family.

It also stars Japan’s top cast line-up, including Miki Nakatani (TRAIN MAN, Viz Pictures) and Hiroshi Abe. Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (20th Century Boys).In this DVD package, there is a J-Culture Tip Sheet that explains distinct Japanese cultural elements that you see in the film. What a great deal!

Enter for a chance to win a DVD, poster, and a Japanese “Tenugui” towel!!Click here for contest details! The campaign lasts until May 31st, so hurry!

May 5th, 2009

Hope You Enjoyed The Show!!

Thank you L-fans for attending our nationwide L event. We will also like to thank our partner Fathom/NationalCineMedia for getting the cinemas together to make this an over 400 venue participating event. I hope you were all able to catch the promo code at the very end to sign up to win Kenichi Matsuyama’s autograph!!! We will be contacting the winners next week!

Once again, we really appreciate your support!! Stay tuned atDeathNoteFilms.com for DVD info and goodies downloads!

May 1st, 2009

Tonight’s the Night for L Fans!

Alright! The event is tonight and tomorrow night. Are you excited?? We are definitely curious to see how much of our loyal Death Note fans will visit the L side of the story. If you still haven’t looked into the theatre list or tickets, please go to FathomEvents.com to find out. If you live in a small town, you may need to drive a bit to go to the nearest cinema that is hosting the show.

1. Tonight is SUBTITLED night and tomorrow is OVERDUBBED.
2. Make sure you stay until the very end for a chence to win Kenichi Matsuyama autograph!!

MTV IGGY has continually created buzz for the Death Note series, and this time they have come up with a Top-5-Death Note -moments video. We love this, especially becuase we have seen the movies a million times, and this MTV twist was very fresh. Check it out…You’d love it, too.

April 29th, 2009

Got Your Tickets to L?

Have you put together your plan for next week’s L event? Have you decided on the subtitled night (29th) or the overdubbed night (30th)? Make sure you find a theatre near you and get your tickets now, for the last two Death Note events had many sold out theatres.

We are very excited that MTV IGGY has been involved with our event sweepstakes, and also creating some buzz on the whole series. Stay tuned at MTV IGGY for more fun creations around our Death Note series!

April 23rd, 2009


Check out the top page of MTVIGGY.com and the first thing that comes up is L’s face! Sign up for a chance to win L tickets and other goodies including a poster and Death Note DVD. Also, check back with IGGY time to time for updated footage of the first 10 minutes sneakpeak of the feature film in subtitled and overdubbed versions, as well as the teaser trailer.

We have been working with MTV IGGY to get the Death Note buzz going for people who had never heard about the phenomenon. Folks at MTV thought that this was an exciting title and got involved in giving out Death Note: L, change the World event tickets for the SUBTITLED SHOW on April 29th.
Wanna win? Visit MTVIGGY.com!

April 14th, 2009

Free “L” Tickets At F.Y.E. Starts Monday

For a limited time, beginning this April 13th, F.Y.E. and SUNCOAST customers who purchase any DEATH NOTE DVD or DEATH NOTE related merchandise (in-store only) will receive a free ticket to attend the English-dubbed screening on April 30th., while supplies last! Hurry Up to grab a ticket!
Trans World Entertainment Corporation is one of the largest specialty music and video retailers in the United States and operates more than 650 F.Y.E. stores throughout the country.
For store locations please visit www.fye.com or click here to download PDF!

April 10th, 2009

See You At SAKURA-CON This Weekend!

This is our second time back to beautiful Seattle and wonderful Sakura-CON.
This year at the LIVE-ACTION theater, we will be screening Death Note, Death Note II: The Last Name and NANA 2. Like last year, we will have our little booth in front of the theater door doing giveaways of tickets to the “L” event and
other goodies. If you are attending, please stop by our booth and say hi.

Friday 5:50pm – NANA 2
Friday 8pm – Death Note
Saturday 7pm – Death Note II: The Last Name

See you at the LIVE-ACTION THEATER (room 613-614) !!

April 7th, 2009

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