Happy Holidays!

Where did 2008 go? This year has zoomed on by so fast and a lot of changes happened in the world. During this year VIZ Pictures attended many events and was able to meet Japanese film fans in Seattle, New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We were also a part of the Tokyo International Film Festival!

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for Japanese films.
It is our fans that we owe our great 2008 to AND the fantastic 2009 ahead!

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year to all!

December 23rd, 2008

Death Note is BOB’s pick!

Sfsignals.com put out their “best of the year” list for 2008 asking “Q: What were the best genre-related books, movies and/or shows you consumed in 2008?”

Bob Eggleton, an award winning SF and fantacy artist chose Death Note as the best of 2008 under his genre: BEST FOREIGN SF/FANTASY FILM. Thank you, Bob! Read his other picks here (scroll down a bit on the page).

If it weren’t for WALL-E, would Death Note have been his top pick for all SF/fantasy???

December 10th, 2008

All I want for Xmas is JPOP!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! This year was a big year for VIZ Pictures with the Death Note marathon that allowed us to reach thousands of fans in both US and Canada. Last night was this year’s last event in Canada where we screened Death Note II: Tha Last Name at over 60 theaters nationwide. Thank you for being such an enthusiastic group of fans!

So…you know what makes a great persent??? Yes, you know it! Our DVD selection is a sure pleaser for anyone who is remotely interested in Japan and JPOP. Over the years we have tried very hard in selecting GOOD titles to introduce the wonders of Japanese culture. What an amazing stocking item it would make! 

We got another great selection coming in 2009, so please stay tuned!

December 4th, 2008

Two More Days…Hurry!

December 3rd is the screening of Death Note II: The Last Name in Canada nationwide! I hope our fans in Canada has secured their pre-sale tickets using the participating cinema list and finding the nearest cinema around them.

The first movie was a success, so we are hoping the fans will return with more friends to attend the climax for the sequel. We have contacted multiple anime, manga, and comic stores plus conventions and anime clubs to participate in our ticket give away. We hope some of you won the lucky tickets!!

December 1st, 2008

Hope you enjoyed the SHOW!!

How was the show? Did you enjoy the extra footage at the end? Our staff attended the screenings all over the Bay Area and in Boston. Maybe we saw each other. I was dressed as Rem. 🙂

We like to take the chance to thank you all for keeping Death Note coming.
Its been quite the ride for us, and we have the Death Note fans to thank for that.

Keep your eyes open for the Death Note II: The Last Name DVD in 2009. Stay tuned!

October 17th, 2008

Got Your Tickets Yet??

Death Note fans!

The nationwide event of Death Note II: The Last Name is now only 8 days away! . Got your tickets yet? Remember, some theaters sold out for the May screening of Death Note (its sequel), so we do recommend that you get your advance tickets at FATHOMEVENTS.com. We have sent a whole bunch of give away tickets to your local anime and comic bookstores, too. So, it is worth asking the clerk if they have any left. Also, many Hot Topic stores have a ticket deal if you purchase the Death Note DVD or a Death Note T-shirt. What a great deal! (Hurry, before their ticket supply runs out!)

October 7th, 2008

BABY The Stars Shine Bright at NYAF

We just came back from our 2nd visit to the New York Anime Festival. This year, we joined “Baby The Stars Shine Bright“, the Lolita fashion brand from Japan, to announce their new store arrival in the USA!
BABY also brought their new line of clothing to introduce in a fashion show. If you are familiar with BABY, you must also know their pirate themed boy-ish line “Alice and the Pirates” which was also featured in the show. BABY’s designers collected over 20 local Lolitas to put on quite the exciting fashion show. SO CUTE!

BABY is looking for a store manager for the new store to open in summer of 2009 in San Francisco. If you think you are qualified, please apply through this page. For more information about their future store, stay tuned atwww.jpopcenter.com.

October 1st, 2008

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