VIZ Pictures Celebrates MORE Releases!

VIZ Pictures Celebrates MORE Releases!


Summer is here and we are on a steady roll of DVD releases. Thanks to all our fans that have supported us through our pioneering years!

20th Century Boys 3: Redemption now in stores!

The disc we’ve been all waiting for. “WHO IS FRIEND!” will be all revealed in this final chapter with a twist in the ending that is deifferent from the original Manga version written by Naoki Kurosawa. Nonetheless, Mr. Urasawa helped wrote the movie scripts, so this is also an author approved ending! Peel off the mask! Find out!

Katsura Funakoshi: Whispering Gaze

As the final volume of the 6-DVD set of the NEW PEOPLE ARTIST SERIES, Katsura Funakoshi brings on the dedicatation and critical eye of a “high artist”. How does he breath life into his acclaimed bust statues? The gaze of a meloncholic woman. The process is all captured in this documentary film. DVD is coming soon on 6/15!

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June 1, 2010

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