Daido Moriyama DVD in stores Jan. 26th!

Daido Moriyama DVD in stores Jan. 26th!


Happy New Years to all Japanese cinema lovers! VIZ Pictures has now entered our fifth year in operation and we are still going strong, thanks to all of your support. We are looking forward to bringing over more exciting movies to our US fans again this year! Stay tuned!

Our first news of the year is from the NEW PEOPLE ARTIST SERIES. Volume 3 is Photographer Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog of Tokyo coming out on January 26th! Order now!

The third volume of the New People Artist Series follows the charismatic photographer Daido Moriyama with a single camcorder as he wanders around Shinjuku with his camera in hand as he takes quick snapshots without looking in the finder. Since the late 60’s, Moriyama has had a fascinating presence in the world of photography but has continued to avoid the media and therefore parts of his persona still remain covered under a veil of mystery. This film is justly an invaluable documentary that captures his true state of being that has never been revealed before. The film even captures the moment when he takes his first digital photo. His stark, high contrast black and white images symbolize his fervent lifestyle.

DVD release event at VIZ Cinema. Get your DVD, small goodies and watch the movie on the big screen for only $25! The event is on 1/26 at 7:30pm.

January 17, 2010

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