20th Century Boys Premiere with Takako!

20th Century Boys Premiere with Takako!


August 15th was the grand opening of our NEW PEOPLE building. A multiplex here in San Francisco dedicated to Japanese pop culture. Everything and anything kawaii, fun, fabulous, and bizarre.

For the celebration, we aslo hosted the first J-POP SUMMIT Festival, in which artists, musicians, vendors, designers, and a movie company from Japan joined us to deliver the freshest content brought over.

In the movie premiere segment that took place on the stage in front of the building, actress Takako Tokiwa and Tomodachi joined us on the red carpet to
promote our 20th Century Boys trilogy. As VIZ Pictures, a Japanese movie licensor in the U.S., this was quite an exciting event!!!

If you are in the Bay Area, please visit our very own VIZ CINEMA. We are currently playing all three of the 20th Century Boys trilogy, leading up to the WORLD PREMIERE of the third movie on August 28th!

August 25, 2009

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