There is so much more to VIZ Pictures! This coming August 15th, we will celebrate the grand opening of our new bulding NEW PEOPLE. Inside this building, we have a store produced by VIZ Pictures called NEW PEOPLE the Store. As one of the first group of original products we are planning to put out, NEW PEOPLE ARTIST SERIES is a solid set of documentaries that have captured in film some of the most intriguiing Japanese artists of our time. The documentaries will be release starting this fall and into 2010.

Yoshitomo Nara: Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara
Featuring world-renowned Japanese modern artist Yoshitomo Nara. The film follows the artist’s life journey and his latest attempt at creating a “collaboration”that leads to a surprising outcome for both his artwork and himself.

Yayoi Kusama: I Love ME
The avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama is the queen of polka dots. Become a witness to a genius at work as she diligently completes her series of 50 large monochrome drawings and enter her world with never a dull moment.

Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog of Tokyo
Follow the charismatic photographer Daido Moriyama as he takes his first digital photos and observe his style of quick snapshots without looking in the finder. His stark and contrasting B & W images symbolize his fervent lifestyle.

Hisashi Tenmyouya: Samurai Nouveau
A graphic designer turned contemporary artist, Hisashi Tenmyouya brings his own style of NEO-Traditional Japanese Painting to the art world. Tenmyouya reveals his soul through melding of modern urban subjects with traditional methods of painting.

Makoto Aida: Cynic in the Playground
Known for his diverse and controversial works in various media, Makoto Aida shares his work and private life as he creates his “Human Project” and “Shinjuku Castle.” Through his creative process his unique character surfaces.

Katsura Funakoshi: Whispering Gaze
Witness the visionary sculptor Katsura Funakoshi as he breaths life into camphor wood. His human-like sculptures are known for their distant gaze as if pondering philosophical thoughts and projecting subtle yet bold emotions.

As part of NEW PEOPLE, VIZ CINEMA plans to host a film series around these documentaries. Stay tuned!

July 20, 2009

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