HORUMO: Play The Game For Gods’ Sake!

HORUMO: Play The Game For Gods’ Sake!


One after another! We have been blessed with fun titles for our 2009 VIZ Pictures collection. Battle League HORUMO is definitely one of our silliestmovie, right up there with Maiko Haaaan!!! and Funky Forest: The First Contact.

What if you joined a club in college that is a mystic battle league? What if you were the commander of your own little Oni* army? What if your poor performance could lead to angering the gods in heaven?? All of that wrapped up in youthful daily struggles of an ordinary college student. Sounds like a fun movie? Or are you still wondering what in the world is “HORUMO”?

*Japanese demons. In this film they are portrayed very small

July 13, 2009

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