Death Note CANADA tickets on sale today!

Death Note CANADA tickets on sale today!


This may be confusing to you…so let us clarify. Death Note (part 1) is playing in 59 theatres all across Canada this coming September 15th as part of the DVD release celebration of DN1. Canada fans will be able to watch the film on the big screen and get their DVD for a great price right at the theatre!! Find your theatres today and get your tickets (and even the DVD) now!

Death Note II: The Last Name (part 2) is playing in over 400 theatres in the US come October 15th and 16th, a month later from the DN1 DVD release. Many US fans were a part of DN1 nation-wide release back in May. So don’t miss this opportunity to see how it ends…on the big screen!! (tickets go on sale officially on September 5th at

In this Death Note Live-action storm, we want our fans to make sure not to miss anything and enjoy the Death Note experience to the fullest. So, don’t get confused of what’s going on. We will do our best to keep you informed!!

August 29, 2008

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