Thank you, AnimeNEXT 2008!

Thank you, AnimeNEXT 2008!


We just got back from AnimeNEXT at the Harmon Meadows Convention Center in New Jersey. They heavily featured Death Note live-action this year! Half of the CON-badge designs were the design we were able to provide. It was great to see the fans wearing the live-action Ryuk badges!

Before the Saturday main stage screening of Death Note, we were able to give away our new Death Note posters to fans that came as Light, L, Ryuk, and Misa Misa cosplay. I also saw a girl that had a pink death note. So creative.

There was rain and stickiness, but the convention was a huge success and all the fans seemed very content.

Thank you, AnimeNEXT. It was great to work with you this year!

June 23, 2008

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