Maiko Haaaan!!! Deluxe Box Give Away!

Maiko Haaaan!!! Deluxe Box Give Away!


We are 3 weeks away from the remarkably loud and fun film Maiko Haaaan!!!‘s DVD release. For fan appreciation, we are holding a Maiko Haaaan!!! Deluxe Box Give Away campaign until the DVD hits the stores on June 24.

This box filled with florecent pink includes Maiko Haaaan!!! DVD, Maiko poster, Maiko fan, Maiko keychain-purse and Maiko candy.

Inside of the DVD is a Maiko educational material that gives you a better idea of the Maiko ways. Wouldn’t you like to know! We have 2 saved here for our devout movie fans! Email us your name, mailing address, and tell us why you have to have this Deluxe Maiko set! Looking forward to hearing from you. 😉

June 3, 2008

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