NANA DVD in stores!

NANA DVD in stores!


Our beloved NANA is in stores tomorrow, April 8, 2008. This is a much-anticipated release for us, as we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our friends atScarecrow VideoThe ImaginAsian and all over the web. NANA, the manga turned live-action movie, features two hot stars: J-pop icon Mika Nakashima and Japan’s sweetheart Aoi Miyazaki. The boys in the cast are quite the heart-throb crew as well. Check out the story of two girls who try to survive Tokyo together and with their friends.

NANA is currently playing at The ImaginAsian Theater in NY until the 10th.
If you enjoyed NANA, then watch for NANA 2 this summer! Stay tuned to this space.

The NANA DVD is available at our online store tomorrow.

April 7, 2008

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