Happy New Year! Our third year…a great year!

Happy New Year! Our third year…a great year!


We are gearing up for another year of licensing and distribution of great J-POP films. With a tight schedule of eight DVD releases and many theatrical campaigns, our New Year resolution is to stay in good health. 😉 The definite HOT picks of this year are DEATH NOTE and DEATH NOTE: The Last Name. We are hoping to introduce this huge movie to new audiences. If you are already a /Death Note/ fan, you know what we are talking about!! Also, no one should miss the abstract and somewhat disturbing journey of Funky Forest: The First Contact by Ishii + Miki + Aniki. Ask no more. You just need to see it…

Outside of movie licensing, we will be launching two websites this year for bothThe J-POP Center and VIZ Cinema. The J-POP Center, which will house the VIZ Cinema, is scheduled to open in 2009. (That will be next year’s news.) For more information about our 2008 releases and other projects, please keep coming back to www.viz-pictures.com. We will continue to bring you the hottest news!

January 16, 2008

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