Interview with Kaiju Shakedown

Interview with Kaiju Shakedown


VIZ Pictures had the pleasure of engaging in an email interview with Grady Hendrix for Kaiju Shakedown, Variety Magazine’s Asian film blog.

In this interview, we were able to speak of our motivations and goals as a film distributor in the U.S. Grady asked Manami Iiboshi, VIZ Pictures Director of Marketing, and Brian Ige, Director of Sales for VIZ Media, how we choose and distribute our films to theatres in North America, and how we aim to stand out from others in this competitive industry.

“We know the popular Japanese movie genres here are horror and violent or samurai/ninja action movies, and there are so many of those available in the market already, which is really great. But we want to explore something new, so we carefully choose movies which represent ‘J-Pop’ from our point of view, and that’s our difference.”
– Manami Iiboshi, Director of Marketing, VIZ Pictures

To read the whole blog, please visit here.

October 9, 2007

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