Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City


This isn’t the music I wanted to play! Not this kind of band at all!!

Based on the #1 hit death metal comedy manga series by Kiminori Wakasugi. Starring Kenichi Matsuyama, an actor adored by fans for his role as “L” in the smash hit Death Note films and directed by one of Japan’s most popular television directors, Toshio Lee. Gene Simmons of KISS plays the role of the king of death metal, Jack IL Dark. In the music battle scene with DMC, Marty Friedman (former guitarist for the metal band Megadeth) on guitar and Jeremy Colson on drums joins Gene Simmons. This film has the most heated live music scenes ever in Japanese film history.

Soichi Negishi (Kenichi Matsuyama) is a sweet and shy young man who dreams of becoming a trendy singer songwriter. But for some reason, he is forced into joining the devil worshiping death metal band “Detroit Metal City” (DMC). In full stage make-up and costume, he transforms into Johannes Krauser II (Sir Krauser) the vulgar-mouthed lead vocalist of the band. But he must keep this a secret from his crush Yuri Aikawa who strongly despises death metal. What would she think if she found out? But against Negishi’s will, DMC rises to stardom. Now the legendary king of death metal Jack IL Dark (Gene Simmons) himself is challenging DMC to a duel. What is the fate of the innocent Negishi as he climbs to the top of the death metal world…


Cast: Kenichi Matsuyama, Rosa Kato, Ryuji Akiyama, Yoshihiko Hosoda,
Yasuko Matsuyuki, Gene Simmons
Director: Toshio Lee

2008 / Japan / 104 min
Japanese with English Subtitles

Official Selection:

Toronto International Film Festival
San Diego Asian Film Festival
and more!

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